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                Youth has been praised by many people. They believe that it is

                the most precious time of one's lifetime, because youth stands for young age and energy. So we should cherish youth and do whatever we like. In my opinion, when we are young, the first thing we need to do is to fight for our future. So we spend a lot of time studying and gain much knowledge. The store of knowledge helps us solve all kinds

                of problems. When we have enough ability, we are no longer afraid of meeting difficulties. The second thing we need to do is to broaden

                our vision. As we are young and full of energy, it is the best time

                to see more scenery. Don't wait for retirement to explore the world. What we see will make us mature and stronger. Let's enjoy the

                beautiful youth.

                青春一直都受∏到許多人的稱贊,他們認為青春是一個人一生中最寶貴的時間,因為青春代表著年輕和活力。所以我們應該珍惜青春,做我們想做的事情。在我看來,年輕時候需要做的第ξ 一件事就是為我們的未來卐而努力。所以◇我們花